Who is this Haywire Housewife?

I had a job. It was a good job that paid me reasonably well. But when I went on maternity leave, my job disappeared. When I returned, I was given work that was totally outside my skill set and interest.

I tried, I really did, but in the end I wondered why I¬†should go to work to do something I don’t enjoy just to break even every month. So I quit. Goodbye work! Why shouldn’t I spend time with my kids, in my home, indulging in domestic bliss?

I’ll tell you why: I’m terrible at it. I can’t cook, I can’t clean, and I have no interest in walking my husband’s beastly dog. My kids are bored in my company. I’m probably better off working, but . . . well, I’m not now. So I guess I’d better figure out how to be a little less haywire.